MobileMonday Rio in a nutshell

About MobileMonday Rio

  • MobileMonday Rio is the local chapter of MobileMonday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • We organize free-to-attend events on a regular basis and bring together members of the Mobile Industry from Brazil and abroad: Developers, Mobile Network Operators, Integrators, Content Providers, Banks, Marketing Agencies, Retailing etc.
  • MobileMonday Rio organizers are Mathieu Flamant LinkedIntwitter, Mariana Sobreira LinkedIn and Diogo Zühlsdorff de Paiva LinkedIntwitter.

Past Events

Mobile Innovations

  • Speakers: Luis Valente (Forum Nokia) and Carlos Cecconi (W3C)
  • Event sponsor: Forum Nokia
  • @ESPM Auditorium [Pictures of the event]

App Stores

  • Speakers: Angel Aldana (RIM Blackberry) and Amure Pinho (SyncMobile)
  • Event sponsor: Forum Nokia
  • ESPM Auditorium [Pictures of the event]

Innovation in Mobile Money

  • Event sponsor: Nokia / MobileMonday Summit 2010
  • Speakers: Olivier Cognet (Nokia), Amol Patel (PayPal Mobile) and Lars Cosh-Ishii (MobileMonday Tokyo)
  • @InterContinental Rio Hotel [Pictures of the event]

Monetization on Mobile

  • Speakers: Ingrid Esser & Luiz Carlos Silveira (MJV), Márcio Nunes (Bitix) and Amure Pinho (SyncMobile)
  • @ESPM Auditorium [Pictures of the event]

Photos and videos